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Composer signs on for 3rd Season of ‘Sanctuary’

April 29th, 2010
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Composer signs on for 3rd Season of ‘Sanctuary’
Epic Art Magazine
– Dyllan Waits

“Composer Andrew Lockington (Journey To The Center of the Earth, City of Ember) has been secured to score the 3rd season of “Sanctuary”. After his industry-changing music (including songs) written for the second season of the popular TV series, it’s no surprise the show’s creator and producers were quick to ink Lockington to another 20 episodes. The composer’s tunes had such an impact on viewers that numerous blogs and websites quickly emerged devoted to the music. Rumor has it a soundtrack album may also make it’s way to itunes later this year. Fingers Crossed!

*The Blu-ray / DVD release of Sanctuary Season II is June 15th.”

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